KOTH Floor & Roller

Roller Schedule and Floor Schedule(below)

Floor will be played on Saturday, Sept. 10 beginning at 10 am(First PAID 30 players and 6 goalies will be eligible) If you intent on playing, you must be paid by Wed Sept. 7


Floor Hockey- Sept. 10 beginning at 10:00 am


Schedule for 5 on 5 draft Floor Tournament

$35 per player

9:15 am Draft

10:00 am  Games Begin

Guaranteed 4-10 minute games

No subs, no off-sides, played off netting, ball will be used. Teams should begin preparing fot their game when the game before you starts. We will have a 8 goal span mercy rule. The times listed are for scheduling purposes only. We may be ahead of schedule, so be ready to go!

First PAID 30 players and 6 goalies will be eligible



Thank You to everybody for participating stdstory.com in the 2016 KOTH amoxicilline Roller Tournament

Congradulations to Team Coventry (Danielle Coventry, Jake Schiffman, Joe Rzesiewicz and Daniel Timm) who defeated Team Junik (Brandon Junik, Jared Bulinski, Jeff Vitali and Ryan Kramer) 6-5 in OT